ID Plus has been engaged in architectural and interior design for resort hotels and spas as well as private housing and other facilities in Bali and Surabaya Indonesia.  Projects that have been completed or are that are currently being worked on include villa in 1Seminyak, Berawa Beach, Private houses in Surabaya.  ID Plus always looks to create in its work a harmonic nexus between space and lifestyle – and to leave behind a place that is unique and that at the same time bears the distinctive mark of local culture and tradition.
Interior design services  include ID Plus custom designed furniture, fixtures, accessories, and other decorative appointments , all of which express the design and production thematic of contemporary elegance, minimalism in design, and exacting standards of craftsmanship.  The furnishings, artwork, and accessories are selected for our assignments with the aim of creating a contemporary space that has the look of elegance, minimalism and the feel of the traditional.
ID Plus teams works closely with clients to understand and meet their every need in the design process and offers 3D renderings as well as graphic design services to assist in this process.