Stasiun Tugu
Tugu Railway Station that started to function as a train-stop in 1887 turns to have tourism potential. You can enjoy the grand, old building architecture; observe locomotive detail.

Kraton or the Palace where Sultan and his family of Yogyakarta live is located in the center of the axis stretching from the north to the south, and in the secondary axis from the east to the west. It is encircled by row of the mountains called the Horizon as the border of the universe. In kraton, the ground cover from parangtritis beach and every year abi dalem(kraton officer) have responsibility to bring the parangtritis sand to cover the whole of the kraton's ground, it's a traditional ritual between nature and kraton.
(Note:Tourist entrance fee /person Rp. 12,000 for Foreigner, Rp.5000 for Local, facility include tourist guide who will guidance and tell story of Kraton)

Building at side enterance

Pendopo is part of the traditional house in Java and is of significant importance, because the location in the front part of the residence housing and for rendez-vous member of the family and for visiting neighbor.
Entrance to Hamengkubuwono Residence

Inner courtyard
Communal hall, private residence and office 
Door, Ceiling and window form influenced by Budha, Hindu, Chinese and Holland style
The Phoenix hotel
On of the hotel in the heart of Yogyakarta we are recommended to stay is The Phoenix Hotel. Located near the popular Malioboro district, the historic Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta, a member of the MGallery Collection, is a colonial landmark dating back to 1918. This building divided into 2 part, ones in the front is the exsiting building and second, they extended the backyard into new buiding for room hotel with pool as central courtyard.
-144 elegant rooms and suites, each boasting a balcony and a fusion of Asian and European decor
-Restaurant, wine bar and terrace bar overlooking an open courtyard. 
-Swimming pool
-Day spa  and fitness centre
-Modern conferencing facilities.
Our opinion to this hotel are :
1. Location: close to the main shopping district, malioboro street is a 5 mins Bechak ride, though due to the one way it takes well over 15 mins to return.
2. The Hotel is stunning, aesthetically beautiful, well maintained. Our rooms  has a small balcony attached to it. 
3. The Breakfast is good and They serve a lot of healthy options like freshly squeezed juices, a separate vegetarian counter also you have to try their pancake and gudeg (the famous traditional culinary).
4. The Dinner Buffet is not to be missed
5. The staff is great, always smile also helpful.
6. We loved their in-house drink- Gin Sling but is too sweet.
7. The service room is great every time we went out they always clean and tidy-up our room wow it's rare service even in the 5 star hotel.
Harmony between existing and brand new building

Twin, single bedroom and restroom
Inner courtyard as terrace cafe

Lobby Lounge next door with restaurant
Ancient Temples
Borobudur was built on a small hill in the Kedu Basin, a rich, fertile valley surrounded by spectacular volcanoes. To the east lie Merapi and Merbabu and to the north lies Sumbing and Sindoro. The unusual jagged Menoreh Hills encircle the temple to the South and West. The temple is also located near the meeting place of two rivers, the Elo and the Progo. These rivers are believed to be symbolic of the Gangga and Yamuna, the two rivers feeding the Indus valley in India. The location was most likely chosen for its central location and expansive views.

Prambanan, named after the village, is the biggest temple complex in Java. There are 224 temples in the complex; three towering temples on the central terrace dominate the complex. Those are Brahma Temple in the North, Visnu Temple in the South and the biggest among the three which lies between Brahma and Visnu is Çiwa Temple which soars up to 47 meters high.These three ancient masterpieces of Hindu architecture are locally referred to as Prambanan Temple or Rorojonggrang Temple. One of its appeals is the wealth of sculptural detail which is the most famous is on the inner wall of the balustrade, the wonderful Ramayana Epic.
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